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<MBC every1> Brad PT & GYM Carry.

<Program details>

Broadcasting company: MBC every1

Broadcast name: Brad PT & GYM Carry.

Broadcasting date: October 15, 2021 to Friday, 08:00 PM/6 episodes.

Cast: Kim Sook, Lee Hyun, Lee Gi Kwang, Jung Mi Ae, Shim Ha Eun, Hyun Woo, Koo Ja Gon

Production company: Night Sky Media

It provides people's eternal health, empathy, communication, and motivation for dieting.

With the combination of the cast's observation (life, daily life) entertainment + forced raid diet,

It's a new kind of fun and refreshing delivery of emotion!

Go on a boring diet! I'll show you a training method that you can enjoy exercising.

Various home training and food recipe videos that all viewers can participate in.

Oh Ha Woon (Today's exercise), Oh Ha Dan (Today's idol dance), Oh Ah! (Today's breakfast)

Daily exercise subscription service, Brad PT & GYM Carry.

Perfect analysis of the health-conscious subscribers' routines!

GYM Carry trainers will raid and present customized PT plans.

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