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<JTBC> Miracle Food.

<Program details>

Broadcasting company: JTBC

Broadcast name: Miracle Food

Broadcasting date: September 3, 2018 ~ (Monday ~ Thursday) 08:10 AM

Cast: Oh Hyunkyung, Lee Kiho, Bae Dongsung, Lee Seungshin, Yoon Soohyun, Lee Boeun

Production company: Night Sky Media

Koreans' life expectancy is 82.4 years old! But Koreans' health life expectancy is only 64.9 years old!

You have to live 17.5 years with the disease in poor health.

In addition, as the age of prevalence of diseases such as vascular disease and heart disease decreases,

Young people also have to worry about their health.

From the dangers of various diseases that cannot be prevented by the development of medicine,

While interest in the food we eat is increasing to protect our health,

Many experts are also emphasizing the right diet.

So, what and how should we eat in order to welcome the hundred-year-old era healthy without disease?

"Delicious Story Miracle Food" will tell you the answer!

In Part 1, the best names and professors who are responsible for the health of Koreans

It delivers practical information on proper eating habits and disease management in a special lecture format.

In part 2, we're going to talk about diseases that Koreans suffer from.

Let me introduce Miracle Food that can help the disease.

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