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"JTBC" hideout season 2.

<Program details>

Broadcasting company: JTBC

Broadcast name: TV information show, hideout season 2.

Broadcasting date: 2021.05.31 to 2021.11.05./6 episodes.

Cast: Seo Kyung Seok, Choi Hee, Cho Hyang Gi Gi Gi Ho, Shim Kyung Won.

Production company: Night Sky Media

Korea's rapidly changing life trend!

If you want to read the trend, keep your hideout!

Unlike others,

Faster than anyone else.

He carefully selects and delivers information he wants to know.

A new type of talk show that suits your taste!

Trendy issues and topics.

A place where essential information that modern people must know is delivered quickly and accurately!

TV information show "Hideout Season 2"...

I'm in charge of your Bravo My Life.

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