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<JTBC> Dr. Homes.

<Program details>

Broadcasting company: JTBC

Broadcasting name: Dr. Homes.

Broadcast date: 2020.07.16 to 2020.08.20/6 episodes.

Cast: Park Eunyoung, Hong Jimin, Lee Hyungtaek, Shin Inseon, Lee Seunghyeop, Choi Jeongmin.

Production company: Night Sky Media

My health. What's the score?

As society develops, new diseases and viruses are discovered!

Our bodies are getting weaker as we get older!

These days, there are many things to be careful about to simply discuss health,

Are you really healthy in the flood of health information?

Easy! Fun! Let's be detectives and check our health!

We have a lot to take care of and know about our bodies.

Let's be great detectives with our names and track our health.

I get it every year, but it's hard, so I'll take a medical checkup in the drawer as a clue.

We're going to talk about your health with a magnifying glass.

Medical mystery show "Doctor Holmes".

My family's health detective! It's right here!

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