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"JTBC" Big Picture.

<Program details>

Broadcasting company: JTBC

Broadcast name: Big Picture.

Broadcast date: November 7, 2017 to December 26, 2017/8 episodes.

Cast: Jung Junha and Kim Sungeun

Production company: Night Sky Media

This month's salary will pass by my bank account again, until when should I just follow it?

A woman whom she envied with dignity tried to copy her life even if she took someone else's.

However, desires were not easily filled. Why was that?

It's not just a story in a drama. We're busy following new, trendy, and high-quality information.

I once felt a bitter feeling. It's because I think I'm swayed.

I don't feel good as if I've become a pushover. My wallet was empty and my mind was very empty.

add elegant value to smart information

For those who select information and read the flow, there is always a secret speciality.

The beginning is not to absorb information as it is, but to judge and utilize it.

Then, how will you analyze it? What information will you use to benefit me?

Vivid information for you who are always one step behind.

And we introduce a high-quality information show that provides a smart perspective on information.

The best guide with shining insights and your own big picture!

Food stories that you need to know before you hold up your spoon, trends in reading through apps, and memories instead of rip-off.

A travel secret, beauty point that will enable you to escape solo, and a cultural world that will equip you with a sense of humor.

Performers with various perspectives introduce, criticize, and enjoy hot issues.

While unraveling information and code hidden in it, our perspective grows, our lives upgrade!

You'll be confident in drawing your own big picture soon.

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