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<Channel A> Special Plan "Eat Like They" (Chile, Canada, Vietnam)

<Program details>

Broadcasting company: Channel A.

Broadcast name: Eat like them.

Broadcasting date: December 4, 2015 to December 18, 2015.

Cast: Kim Ogon, Paeng Hyunsuk, Choi Hana

Production company: Night Sky Media

Channel A special documentary.

Part 1. Chilean people's health secrets and long-lived secrets for oriental medicine doctor Kim Ogon!

Part 2. Comedian Fang Hyun-sook, the wife of comedian Choi Yang-rak, and their children Choi Ha-yang.

Canada's health secrets of visiting these two Paeng's mother and daughter are leaving to find the secret of Canadian women to overcome menopause.

Part 3. Kim Oh-gon, an oriental medicine doctor who left for Vietnam in search of 50,000 won coffee.

The 50,000 won coffee is elephant poop?

Vietnam coffee trip with Kim Ogon.

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